Monday, January 31, 2011

Days five-eight -- Birthdays and workouts and dirty jokes.

Day 5:  1/28/11
B: 3 egg whites with turkey
S: Chobani Greek Yogurt: Strawberry and Banana
L: Left over glop in a pot with lettuce and dijon mustard on half of one of those wraps
S: Protein shake with cinnamon (supposedly it helps with burning fat)
D: Chicken cutlets marianted in dijon mustard and seasonings (baked in chicken broth to keep juicy) with cucumber bruschetta and 1/4 cup of whole grain brown rice

That night my girlfriends and I had a belated christmas/early birthday dinner for nicole.  Joanne came over and made this chicken rollitini thing (chicken cutlets breaded and slathered with cheese and butter and wine sauce... SOOOO not on my diet) ... So I made my own food.  I was also the one to bake the cake for cole's birthday.  It was fantastic.  And nope..  I didnt even want a piece.   The crap food cravings are definitely going away, which makes life a lot easier.  It was just really nice to spend the night bullshitting and laughing (and being one of the only sober ones was even BETTER).  I love my ladies to death. 

What I love even more is that they are just as excited for me as I am.  That means the absolute world to me.  Nicole and Joanne and I were talking about it after the other girls went home, and I almost started to cry because they are so involved and asking questions (so is everyone else, but we were specifically talking about it) and they just keep telling me how proud they are of me.  It really means the world to me <3

Day 6: 1/29/11
B: 3 egg whites with turkey (and hot sauce :) :)  )
S: Banana and chobani vanilla greek yogurt
L: Salad with Red peppers, cucumbers, carrots and left over dijon chicken
S: Protein shake
D: PF Changs... first time eating out on diet thus far.  For an appetizer I got "shanghai cucumbers"... just cucumbers with sesame seeds and a bit of soy sauce... VERY tasty.  I shared too.  Then for my entree I got Changs chicken lettuce wraps, which are usually an appetizer and probably my favorite thing to eat there <3

Had ANOTHER birthday dinner , this time for my friends Laura and Ariana.  At dinner I was able to pick my friend Angies brain because she had RNY 3 years ago and LOVES it.  It was nice to be able to do that since most of the people who I talk to are through

Had my workout at like 8 am... TOTAL mistake.  TOOOO many people.  TOOOO many really thin chatty women ...  not my cup of tea.  Tyrome ended up pretty much rotating me with the only other 2 fat chicks there. I was okay with this.  Except they were super complain-y.  They kept talking and Tyrome just kept increasing their workouts. "if you can talk... you aint workin hard enough"

One of them actually asked me, while I was dying on the treadmill (hate the treadmill... I hate walking and not getting anywhere) how I could work out and do everything Tyrome asks and not complain at all.

My answer was simple.  Because my surgery is worth it. 

and then of course I get the "well, if you're doing this, why do you need surgery"  to which my reply has probably gotten a little nastier as the days go by... but its usually along the lines of "because I've been doing this since I'm 8 years old and I'm at the end of my rapidly fraying fat ass rope"

Day 7: 1/30/11
B: 2 hard boiled eggs
S: Chobani raspberry yogurt with one scoop of protein powder (took me over an hour to eat it...)
L:Protein shake
S: Dry roasted edamame (great new find at costco! SOOOO tasty... totally helps with the cravings for something salty/crunchy)
D: Glop in a pot with less than a quarter cup of whole grain brown rice

My work out Sunday was particulary grueling.   I did steps again.  I'm really starting to despise just LOOKING at stairs.  they suck.  Hate steps.  and then I was back on the elliptical... 1 mile at 15 resistance arms and legs, 1 mile at 20 resistance just arms, 1 mile at 15 resistance arms and legs, 1 mile at 20 resistance just arms.  4 miles total.  Not stopping in between either because if the machine started over... I was going to have to start over also.  Tyrome said he wanted them under a half hour... somewhere near 25 minutes.  I did it 26 minutes. He was proud. I was proud (and seriously sweaty).  I realllllyyy love going there.  Its just nice to have the positive reinforcement all the guys there give.

Day 8: 1/31/11
B: 2 hard boiled eggs
S: Chobani black cherry yogurt
L: Salad with olives (*black and green*) with some seasoned chicken and balsamic vinegar. And one Lite babybel cheese round.
S: Protein shake
D: Grilled chicken (seasoned somehow, not sure yet) with 1/4 cup brown rice, and 1/4 ricotta cheese

 Not much really going on today.  School.. boring as usual.  Spent my day dicking around the OH forums and looking at before and after pictures while occasionally doing work.  Then bootcamp.  Tyrome went fairly easy on me.  Mostly work on the elliptical.  and stretching.  Lots of stretching. and him pushing me to stretch and him like literally on top of me pushing and pulling for stretches. it felt SOOO good.   Yeah... there was an ulterior motive.  Tomorrow I have a fitness test.  So he was being nice to me. 

We get along really well, Tyrome and myself.  As with the rest of the guys; Ralph, Bobby and James.  Today when Tyrome was literally on pushing me from behind I had joked around "usually I require dinner before a man does that to me"  He laughed.

He laughed even hard when he had me doing the arm lift things with this long fallic shaped weight bag (think punching bag, but shorter and lighter) and he told me to spread my legs and then I said " OK... now I'm really gunna need dinner" and then his reply after laughing was "If that was a long BLACK bag, then yes, I'd owe you dinner"

This is why I love men so much.  A little dirty and perverted never hurt anyone.

Off to make dinner now



Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day four

B: 3/4 cup of Special K fruit and yogurt cereal with 1/4 cup 1% milk
S: grapes
L: lettuce, 2 oz turkey, 1 tbs of mozz. cheese, with mustard on 1/2 of a red pepper and onion flat wrap (only 12 net carbs)
S: Protein shake
D: Modified Glop in a Pot (see recipe below)

modified glop in a pot:
1 lb ground turkey
1 bag of frozen Steam fresh mixed veggies (fresh is also fine, steam fresh just makes things easier)
1/2 veggie broth

In a deep frying pan, slightly brown the turkey with a mix of seasonings (I used Mrs. Dash salt free tomato,garlic and basil mix, pepper,onion powder and garlic powder, then add 1/2 cup veggie broth. Cover and leave on low/med heat.  Prepare veggies (microwave if its the steam fresh, chop and cut up if fresh)  Add veggies and stir. Cover until broth is ALMOST completely evaporated while occasionally stirring.  

Simple and easy right? and delicious. Very filling too.  And when I say ALMOST completely gone, I had just enough broth to barely cover the bottom of the pan.  It definitely gave the turkey and veggies great flavor and kept it super moist.

and i call it modified glop in a pot, because regular glop in a pot is whats above, minus the veggie broth, but adding like 2 lbs of cheese, and risotto to it. This was even better (in my opinion) and just as, if not more filling.

So today, once again, we were pounded with snow.  Well, I guess technically last night we were, but I woke up to about a good 11-12 inches this morning.  Got up at 630am, called school (actually hoping for a snow day because I really want to clean my room) .. nope, 2 hour delay, classes were starting at 11am.  Awesome.  So i tried to go back to sleep and that wasn't happening, so I watched Boy meets world and then figured I should probably start shoveling.

OOOOHHHH shoveling.  I started out by myself at 8. I cleared off the porch, and made a path to mommy vivian's car and my own.  And then I started to shovel behind my car, in order to get out.  Yeah.  The plow guy apparently decided my driveway was a great place to put like all the snow, so there was a good 2 feet, if not more of packed snow at the end of my driveway.  I had already been going for about a half hour, so I tried attacking that mound.  Yeah. I forgot how heavy snow can be.  I also forgot how taxing and exhausting shoveling is.  So I went back inside and said eff it, i'm just not going to school.

Then mommy vivian came down and offered to help, so me, mommy vivian and baby went out into the snow.  it took the 3 of us about another 45 minutes to shovel and clean off the cars.
That was my morning workout, apparently.

Then i went to school. Nothing happened. Like at all.  Barely anyone was there. I didn't even do work. I played around on the internet and on the OH forums.

Then I had my team extreme.  I'm really starting to love that place. Its just fantastic.  The hour goes by so quickly, and I sweat so much. I know, gross, but I just love being there.  Tyrome and Ralph are both fantastic.  Today I just worked with Tyrome because he was the only one there.  I did my usual 1 mile on the elliptical, which I shaved a minute and a half off my time from monday.  Go me. lol.

I love the way that they train also.  I'm not "lifting weights". They use resistance bands, medicine balls, the rope thingy, the weight bars... all of those to combine toning and cardio. They remind me of the way Kelly used to train me (HI RIIIIICCCHHHARRRDDD <3) Plus tomorrow ends my free week,  but I dont get paid till the 6th, so I talked to Tyrome and told him because I dont want to stop, because if I stop, then I wont go back... and he told me no problem, not to worry about it.  That makes me super stoked that he's going to let me pay later and keep working out through next week. 

Like everything else in the world, the first two weeks are the hardest. My body is aching, I'm feeling muscles I've never felt before, and I'm still having that "still hungry" feeling even though I ate a sufficient amount.  BUT... just like the caffeine headaches have begun to dissipate... all of this will as well.

I think after my next weigh in with Dr. Klonsky I'm going to reward myself with one of the Team Extreme Sweatshirts.  they look so comfy <3

Till tomorrow-

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Three

Day three :)
Still going strong.   
B: 3 egg whites with turkey
S: Grapes
L: 2 oz raspberry vinaigrette marinated Chicken, carrots and hummus
S: Protein shake
D:-- Havent had that yet.  some sort of chicken dish thats delicious. and some veggies. probably in the form of soup or salad.
My workout was FANTASTIC today.  I think my muscle memory is kicking in, and since I'm not taking breaks in between my days... my muscles aren't really that sore.  Watch, I probably just jinxed myself and am not going to be able to move tomorrow.  The guys at team extreme are AWESOME. if anyone in the area is interested.  They're really awesome. Love them.  Today I mostly worked with Ralph. He is SUCH a trip.  Really funny, keeps me motivated, just like Tyrome.  There are two more trainers there, but I have yet to work with them.  But yeah, Tyrome and Ralph are both really supportive and I'm really glad Dr. Klonsky recommended them. 
Speaking of support.... 
I’m really glad I have the support system I have. Between the girls and my mom and mommy Vivian… I know I’m in fantastic hands.  I’m also really excited that everyone is behind my decision and knows that I’m making the right choice.  It really does mean a lot to me.
What I also love is that they ask questions, because they want to know about it. While none of them can actually understand and relate to my decision and what I’m about to put my body through, I really do love them so much for trying to learn as much as possible and stay up to date with everything that I’m doing.  Its nice knowing that they are behind my decision 100% and that they’ll be there for me. Same goes for the rest of my friends and family who know whats going on... all so supportive. Plus all the people at the forums.  They have all been there and done this before and can offer personal experience advice and I think that is SO important.  :) :)
I’m really excited about all of this.  I know the change is going to be INCREDIBLE and its going to give me my life and everything.  Its just going to be so different.  The only me I’ve ever known is an overweight Katie.  But I’m so excited.  I really am.
Right now, the hardest part is training my stomach that it IS full right now.  I am eating and I just need to shrink my stomach pre-op and just train it.  I’ve been eating MUCH smaller portions than I was and I’m eating better foods also.  Plus I’m eating more times throughout the day to try and keep my metabolism going best I can.  The water intake is also an issue for me.  Being in a computer class all day without being allowed food or drink except on our breaks makes it hard to fit in all the water I need.  So I need ways to get in more water... and more recipes for delish, low fat, low carb, high protein meals.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Days one and two

I was told by the surgeon a 40lb loss PRIOR to surgery will be beneficial to me. Less chance of blood clots, less chance of having to do an open incision, and it'll be one pound less to lose post-op.

So yesterday was my first day on my pre-op diet. Wasn't so bad, honestly. Definitely didn't eat ENOUGH.

B: Protein Shake
S: Almonds with craisins
L: Special K Protein Plus (no milk. i like my cereal dry)
S: Small salad with cucumbers and Red wine vinegar as dressing... and Almonds with craisins again (okay, i was a little unprepared)
D: Yellowtail shashimi, and one piece of whitefish tempura. DEEELISH.

I also had my first session with my new trainer yesterday. He kicked my ass. Like hardcore. I actually threw up. Thats also how I knew I hadn't eaten enough, because all I threw up was a little bit of the craisins and the rest was water and bile. (I know, tmi, but this is what it is. no holding back.)

Today was MUCH better, in my opinion.

B: 3 egg whites with 1 oz turkey
L:Salad with 2 tbs of mozzarella cheese, cucumbers and red wine vinegar and pepper.
S:Protein shake
D: 2 oz raspberry vinaigrette marinated chicken and 1 cup V8 veggie garden soup.

Also worked out again today. same trainer. he said yesterday he just wanted to see how much i really wanted this, and thats why he pushed me so hard. makes sense, especially since i walked in there yesterday saying "i want someone who could potentially make me cry, and not let me whine and bitch about working out." Did i mention he was a former drill instructor in the army? yeah. he's also my height. maybe an inch or two taller. So that would make him a whopping 5' or 5'1. i'd say 5'2 max. he's going to help me with foods. what i should eat, shouldnt eat, when i should eat it, and recipes.

Till tomorrow