Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Days one and two

I was told by the surgeon a 40lb loss PRIOR to surgery will be beneficial to me. Less chance of blood clots, less chance of having to do an open incision, and it'll be one pound less to lose post-op.

So yesterday was my first day on my pre-op diet. Wasn't so bad, honestly. Definitely didn't eat ENOUGH.

B: Protein Shake
S: Almonds with craisins
L: Special K Protein Plus (no milk. i like my cereal dry)
S: Small salad with cucumbers and Red wine vinegar as dressing... and Almonds with craisins again (okay, i was a little unprepared)
D: Yellowtail shashimi, and one piece of whitefish tempura. DEEELISH.

I also had my first session with my new trainer yesterday. He kicked my ass. Like hardcore. I actually threw up. Thats also how I knew I hadn't eaten enough, because all I threw up was a little bit of the craisins and the rest was water and bile. (I know, tmi, but this is what it is. no holding back.)

Today was MUCH better, in my opinion.

B: 3 egg whites with 1 oz turkey
L:Salad with 2 tbs of mozzarella cheese, cucumbers and red wine vinegar and pepper.
S:Protein shake
D: 2 oz raspberry vinaigrette marinated chicken and 1 cup V8 veggie garden soup.

Also worked out again today. same trainer. he said yesterday he just wanted to see how much i really wanted this, and thats why he pushed me so hard. makes sense, especially since i walked in there yesterday saying "i want someone who could potentially make me cry, and not let me whine and bitch about working out." Did i mention he was a former drill instructor in the army? yeah. he's also my height. maybe an inch or two taller. So that would make him a whopping 5' or 5'1. i'd say 5'2 max. he's going to help me with foods. what i should eat, shouldnt eat, when i should eat it, and recipes.

Till tomorrow



  1. Welcome to blogging! When is your surgery?

  2. I'm looking forward to reading more my friend!!! Wishing you all the best on your journey! :)

  3. So excited to continue reading!! Those pounds will melt off if you keep it up girl!

  4. Good luck Katie! All the love and support your way, keep us posted! We're rooting for you on this journey!

  5. OMG Katie you are my new obsession. Katie I know that you can do this! and I am going to enjoy going on this journey with you. You are beautiful inside and out! Strong and growing stronger far beyond your years! Go getum Katie, love Karen

  6. Thanks SO much you guys! means so much <3 really it truly truly does <3