Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Three

Day three :)
Still going strong.   
B: 3 egg whites with turkey
S: Grapes
L: 2 oz raspberry vinaigrette marinated Chicken, carrots and hummus
S: Protein shake
D:-- Havent had that yet.  some sort of chicken dish thats delicious. and some veggies. probably in the form of soup or salad.
My workout was FANTASTIC today.  I think my muscle memory is kicking in, and since I'm not taking breaks in between my days... my muscles aren't really that sore.  Watch, I probably just jinxed myself and am not going to be able to move tomorrow.  The guys at team extreme are AWESOME. if anyone in the area is interested.  They're really awesome. Love them.  Today I mostly worked with Ralph. He is SUCH a trip.  Really funny, keeps me motivated, just like Tyrome.  There are two more trainers there, but I have yet to work with them.  But yeah, Tyrome and Ralph are both really supportive and I'm really glad Dr. Klonsky recommended them. 
Speaking of support.... 
I’m really glad I have the support system I have. Between the girls and my mom and mommy Vivian… I know I’m in fantastic hands.  I’m also really excited that everyone is behind my decision and knows that I’m making the right choice.  It really does mean a lot to me.
What I also love is that they ask questions, because they want to know about it. While none of them can actually understand and relate to my decision and what I’m about to put my body through, I really do love them so much for trying to learn as much as possible and stay up to date with everything that I’m doing.  Its nice knowing that they are behind my decision 100% and that they’ll be there for me. Same goes for the rest of my friends and family who know whats going on... all so supportive. Plus all the people at the forums.  They have all been there and done this before and can offer personal experience advice and I think that is SO important.  :) :)
I’m really excited about all of this.  I know the change is going to be INCREDIBLE and its going to give me my life and everything.  Its just going to be so different.  The only me I’ve ever known is an overweight Katie.  But I’m so excited.  I really am.
Right now, the hardest part is training my stomach that it IS full right now.  I am eating and I just need to shrink my stomach pre-op and just train it.  I’ve been eating MUCH smaller portions than I was and I’m eating better foods also.  Plus I’m eating more times throughout the day to try and keep my metabolism going best I can.  The water intake is also an issue for me.  Being in a computer class all day without being allowed food or drink except on our breaks makes it hard to fit in all the water I need.  So I need ways to get in more water... and more recipes for delish, low fat, low carb, high protein meals.


  1. One of my favourite super easy dinner recipes:
    -whole wheat pita in 2 pieces
    -just a little bit of fat free cream (some are better then others) spread on the inside
    -then put in pieces of plain, cooked (with olive oil) in the skillet salmon
    -then put in pieces of avacado. if i was feeling super crazy, some salsa as well :D

    it was fast to make, didn't take much effort or clean up, plus it was reeally filling.

  2. You go girl! I just started back t my boot camp classes too! They butt but are way more fun!! Your doing a great job!