Friday, October 7, 2011

NSV!!!! and giveaways!!

So yesterday I had a new NSV happen... I fit into a size 18 jean from old navy!

Speaking of jeans... lets talk about how places change their sizes.  Because Nicole had given me two pairs of jeans from old navy.  Both marked size 14.   One was SIGNIFICANTLY larger than the other.  So much so that the larger pair fits me perfectly.  Like the 18s I have on in the picture.  The other 14s I can barely get up my thigh.  So either they are mismarked... like WHOA... or Old Navy (like other stores) 'switch' sizes as the years go on.  The question is... which way are they going?  Are they making bigger sizes smaller? Or smaller sizes bigger? 

Regardless... I'm super happy with my  decision because I'm super excited about life now and I still can't believe I'm going to be getting smaller.  While talking with my nutritionist the other day  I had said I'm only like... 80-90 lbs away from goal.  And she looked at me with a crooked face and asked me what my goal was... I said between 130-140. Thats where Dr. K said I could most likely get down to.  She was like... I'd even go as high as one 150.  So everyone has different goals for me.  I'll take somewhere in the middle... like 135-145. lol.  Regardless... I'm more than half way towards my goal already!  SOOOO CRAZY!

Now... anyone who knows anything about WLS ... especially RNY... knows the importance of vitamins.  Vitamins are *key* in a healthy post-op life :)  With that said... Eggface is doing an amazing giveaway to make sure we all stay healthy!

She is giving away a Celebrate vitamins gift basket loaded with TONS of goodies and new products! 

Everyone go check out her blog and enter her contest!!! 

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  1. Old Navy sizes are off, back when I was wearing a size 12, I had to buy 14's in Old Navy, every brand is different. Congrats on your NSV moment!