Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekly weigh in...

So... here is my weekly weigh in for week #2 of *official* weigh ins

Last week I weighed in at 227.

This week I am ... 

Thats 4 lbs in a week :)   Bringing my grand total to 123lbs.  My total since surgery (20 weeks ago) is 75 lbs.


So thats that.

Now... here are some foods that I've been playing with and what not.  I've been seriously cravin' the bacon.

So... I got the precooked bacon.  Making bacon to me ... is a pain the ass.  and its ALWAYS too greasy no matter how many paper towels I lay them on.  So I get the precooked stuff 'cause it makes my life easier and I can get my super crispy bacon without burning it.  Win all around :)

Serving size is 4 slices.  I use 2.  Thats all I really need.

Nutritional info for 2 slices (1/2 a serving)
Cal: 35
Fat: 3g
Carbs: 0
Protein: 2.5

So this has been a staple in my diet the past few days....  I'm not sure if its just because I want new things or because I want the salt... who knows.  But I want bacon.

With bacon I've made a WLS friend Turkery Bacon Cheeseburger (Yes, WLSers... we can haz a cheezburger)

4 ounces of seasoned (to your liking) ground turkey meat... 93/7.  1/3 cup of the WW mexican blend shredded cheese (i'm not a cheese snob.  I  LOVE cheese and I wouldn't lose a pound if I ate regular cheese at the rate at which I eat cheese and I LOVE the way the WW cheeses taste) topped with two slices of bacon.  (the 4 ounces of meat worked out to be a 3 oz burger depending on how you cook it)

Nutritional info (for the whole 3oz burger with cheese and bacon)
Cal: 228
Fat: 14
Carbs: 0
Protein: 29

The second thing I made is ... pretty much the exact same thing but with chicken.

I use the Perdue perfect chicken breasts  (this one was italian style).  A few minutes of George foreman...  melt the cheese on top in the microwave ... add the bacon... voila! you have Outback's Alice Springs Chicken (minus the mushrooms)

Nutrition info:
Cal: 255
Fat: 9.5
Carbs: 2
Protein: 35.5

Now... I'm sure you're all wondering.. where's the veggies?  well.. I have a problem with veggies.  I always get so full on my protein dishes... that I can never factor in the veggie, or... complex carbs. 

I'm seeing nutrition tomorrow regarding this because I *know* I need to work in complex carbs somehow... but I need suggestions and what not.  Its really hard eating a balanced diet when you're SO focused on the protein.  

And also... when you have an irrational fear of food like I have been dealing with.  So yeah... thats that.  I'll keep you posted with that...

Yeah.  I just bought that mirror in the picture on the right.. and it broke while I was trying to get it into my car.  What do you expect from a mirror that was 5 bucks at target?  

I feel like since I lost weight... I *look* longer.  I know I'm not taller... but I feel like I look like I look taller. 

I also never thought I've ever wear a dress that short with over the knee riding boots.  I LOVE those boots.  SUPER comfy. 

To quote myself from support group last tuesday...

I've always been confident. At 346 pounds I thought I was the shit. And now ... I still think im the shit. You don't like it. Tough" 

I LOVE myself SO much more than I used to.  I no longer think so little of myself.  I know what I'm capable of and what I deserve and I deserve SO much more than I've settled for in the past.  I haven't been this happy in YEARS.  

And I'm just awesome.  And I will continue to tell myself that and not give a damn about anyone whose gunna hate.

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  1. You look great... and I agree.. pre-cooked is so much easier!