Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Talk about March Madness

Its MARCH!  When the hell did that happen?  I've got a lot going on this month-- Doctors appointments for my pre-op exams
-Today is the Cardiologist.
-Friday is the first appointment with the dr who will be doing my upper GI
-March 5th is my bloodwork
-March 17th is the Pulmonologist
--Plus seeing the nutritionist and my surgeon in march for my weigh-ins :)
Then sometime in April will be my UGI ... and then I'll be done with all my pre-op testing!

On top of all those doctor appointments... I have non-bypass-related appointments also coming up. Then babysitting... continuing my workouts at the gym... and March 9th is my last day of classes :)  I find out on March 11th where my externship is :) I'm really excited, but also nervous to actually be out in the field working in a doctors office.

Sometimes I feel like everything in my life is on the fast track lately.  Believe me... I'm not complaining.   I'm really excited about all the upcoming changes in my life.  Things are going to be so awesome and moving fast.. and that makes me so excited :)

I am like... 11 pounds away from my surgeons pre-op goal :)  i'm super excited about that. 

I'm hoping I can have that down by the time I see my surgeon on the 15th.

Sometimes I can't believe exactly how fast everything is moving.  I feel like I was just sitting at the seminar for the bariatric surgeries... and now 2 months has gone by and I'm coming up on my 3rd weigh in with dr k.  after that i'll only need 2 more with him because I have a weigh in from December with my ob/gyn that they can submit with the insurance company :) I'm sooo excited

Things will be submitted to my insurance company sometime in April and then I'll hopefully have a date for sometime in May :)  ... june at the latest :)


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