Friday, July 8, 2011

10 to 100 :D

Thats right folks, you read it here first.  I am just 10lbs shy of hitting my 100lb mark.   10 lbs and I will be down 100 lbs since december 28, 2010.  INSANE!!!!  Right?! OMG I KNOW!   Which means in like... 53 days... I've lost 40lbs.  Without even trying.  I'll be honest... I've gone to the gym like... twice since my surgery.  Granted I'm walking around more and what not, and its the summer, so I'm naturally more active... but I haven't like really worked out since like... April.

Sometimes I still can't believe its real.  Like.. this is actually happening and its for reals and my life is seriously changing.  Changing in SOOOO many ways.   I dyed my hair, I'm losing weight, I'm looking for a job, I'm starting to save up for the move.  Which I've revised that plan:

Still visiting my aunt laureen in september... But instead of job hunting and what not, I'll be looking at schools and neighborhoods and then I'll plan on moving in early 2012.  Just so I can save save save up all my monies :)

In other news....  I've had a fabulous couple of weeks with some of my amazing friends... which is why I haven't been around so much.  I've just been living my life and its freakin awesome. Theres just so much to say and not enough time.  A bike ride or a pool is calling my name!

And in even more other news...  ANOTHER EGGFACE GIVEAWAY!  This time its a giveaway for Quest Protein Bars... all the new flavors Eggface has tried :)  She's awesome.  Check out her blog and enter her giveaways!

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