Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day nine-- Fitness Test... and I'm still alive.

B: 2 hard boiled eggs (I'm on a kick, what can I say)
S: Some apple slices and a piece of lite babybel cheese
L: 4 slices of salami, 2 slices of provolone (made it a roll up)
S: 1/4 cup ricotta cheese and 1/4 cup of dry roasted edamame (no, I did NOT mix them together)
D: Turkey meatballs (no breadcrumbs!) with sauteed onions and green beans in a ginger sauce (which has no fat, like... 2 carbs I think, if any.. )

My lunch was a little off because I had a luncheon today for President's Club at school.  Every few months they award students for good grades and attendance, and President's Club is for those with a 4.0 and 100% attendance. See also "super nerd".  By the time I got to the room ( I realllllllyyy had to pee) there was a line of people for the generic side salads (potato, macaroni, coleslaw) and cold cut platter with breads on the sides so people can make sandwiches.  ALLLLL I wanted was some turkey and provolone.  That's all. But no, all the gavones  got to the good meats first, leaving me to choose from salami, or roast beef.  I don't eat roast beef.  So I went with the salami. It was not pleasant.  Heartburn galore.  Blech. Never again. Though.. on the other hand... my turkey meatballs and sauteed veggies for dinner... were fantastic!  Soo yummy. 

It felt weird without a protein shake today... I ran out of protein powder last night, and the weather has just been so awful that I wasn't going to drive... so I'll pick some up tomorrow after boot camp.  Which means I'll be making a 7-11 run in the AM to pick up a protein drink for before boot camp.

Today in boot camp, was my fitness test.  I had a modified version from everyone else because, well.. I can't do a lot of the things they can, like jacobs ladder ...  and Tyrome didn't make me do the steps... which I love him for.  HOWEVER...  I still had to do the mile, the push ups and sit ups (as many possible in 2 mins each), the rope climb thingy for 5 minutes, and the elliptical for a mile, with no resistance.  Now... the only thing I remember other than my mile time... was that the elliptical on no resistance... SUCKS.  On the 15-20 resistance, I can do that mile in 10mins or less.  With no resistance... it took almost TWICE that.  I have to ask Tyrome why tomorrow, but it sucked.

My mile time was 18:14.  If not those exact seconds, pretty damn close.  Now... I don't run.  .. Like ever.   I don't jog.  And I haven't done the mile run in school since like, Freshman year of high school.  All of middle school and the rest of high school I always had a note excusing me from it.

I think the last time I finished a mile in under 20 minutes... was in elementary school.  I hated it then too. Tyrome told me just to walk it as fast as I can.  So I started off with a nice brisk walk and bumped it up a little each time.  I started at 3.0. then I went to 3.3 and maintained that speed for the majority of the mile... then with the last  part of it.. I kept bumping it up and I finished it at a speed of 4.0 and I was JOGGING.  I did it for like a full minute.  I jogged.  Now .. for you skinny bitches that probably doesn't seem like a big deal. But like I said. I don't run. I'm not even one of those fat kids that chase the ice cream truck or run for food.  I just don't run. Both Tyrome and Ralph kept telling me how proud they are of me and Ralph definitely almost made me cry because he got all emotional saying he's really impressed with how serious I'm taking it and how far I've come in just 9 days.  It really meant a lot , but he did this to me, right as I started my mile.. so crying wasn't really an option.  I get my *official* results tomorrow and I get a rank and dog tags. lol.  I really love my boot camp. 

What I also really like about them... is that they never make me feel bad about not being able to do something. They never berate me.  They always have positive positive positive things to say to me when I do accomplish something, and they are so encouraging.  Kelly was.. and is the same way.  She still motivates me and makes me laugh and is so encouraging.  I love my Richard. My last trainer, Marco... was not like that.  He had no sympathy, and if I didn't do something EXACTLY his way...  he was just so mean.  I did not like that one bit.  He is someone I would like to punch. Kelly, Tyrome, Ralph.. the rest of the guys at team extreme... they're all people I can joke around with and have a good time with WHILE getting in a serious work out.  Marco had no personality.  I need people with personality.

Someone stop me if I'm writing too much.  I can talk and talk for hours.

Although.. now its almost 10 and teen mom 2 is coming on... and what can I say...  loveee the trashy tv.

Till tomorrow

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