Sunday, February 13, 2011

Estrogen escaping through my eyes...

So its been a while, and there's no rundown of my food for the week I've been slacking on the blog.

I will say... that I saw my nutritionist and psychologist this past Wednesday... and I'm down 12 pounds since I first saw the surgeon on Jan. 20.  Yayy me.  So I bought myself one of those comfy Team Extreme sweatshirts.. yeah, not after my appointment w/ Dr. K... but still. I wanted it. Its been cold.  And I lost 12 lbs.

The psych pretty much cleared me on the spot. She said I'm a fantastic candidate, that I've done extensive research on the surgery, and that I really seem focused on the reality of everything and I understand that it's not a quick-fix-it surgery, that it's a tool for the rest of my life and new lifestyle.

The nutritionist was very impressed with all my food choices and said I was doing a great job with everything, except I need to add in a little fruit.  So I've been trying to do that and it's been working.

Although.. I'm sick of eggs.  Hardboiled ones at least.  I made some yesterday and I couldn't finish them.  I puked from the smell of them.  It was awful.  Today I made some scrambled and it was much easier to tolerate.  Anyone have any other breakfast ideas?

One negative about this whole weight loss thing... (and its only going to get worse after my surgery...I know) but... all this extra estrogen (this lovely hormone is stored in fat cells... when fat cells break down... this emotional roller coaster gets sent flowing through your body... FUN!) is running rampant through me... and I just want to cry. All the time.  I cry at tv shows, commercials... I had to pull over today because I started getting all weepy over a song (Mama's song by Carrie Underwood... seriously it will make you cry!) ... Its really ridiculous at this point.

I have allllll this estrogen and it apparently wants out... through my eyeballs.

I told Tyrome that tomorrow when I see him... I need to box... because I need to hit things.  Because I'm just too emotional and sometimes hitting things makes the world better. 

My workouts have been UH-MAY-ZING lately. Seriously... I dont even know how to describe them.  I don't think I've ever pushed my body this hard, this fast, and this much before... and my body is responding quite well to it, I must say.  No more aches and pains (well.. a little, but stretching helps) and I just feel so much better after working out.

I've been feeling kinda crappy the past few days, stupid cold weather, I have yet again, another cold... But I still went to the gym and huffed and puffed and coughed up a lung possibly, but I pushed myself and I went, and I felt so much better afterwards.

I think what I'm going to start doing is after Team Extreme, I'm going to go to Lucilles (since I'm still paying for that damn membership...) and work on my mile run there since I don't do the treadmill everyday at Xtreme. Plus it'll give me some extra cardio and boost the workouts and weight loss :)

I see Dr. K again this week, Tuesday to be exact... suuupper excited to see him and talk about things and what not.

I've made most of my appointments.  I had my pre-op sono done on Thursday (which... fasting for this totally killed me... I was dehydrated and lethargic the whole rest of the day and I felt awful) . I'm getting my blood work done *hopefully* this coming weekend.  I see the cardiologist on March 1st. and the pulmonologist march 17th.  And then all I have to do is make my appointment for my endoscopy and then all my pre-op clearances and testing will be done! My goal is to have everything done by the end of march :)

Time for bed.  I'm exhausted.  This is the latest I've been up since Thursday.

But before bed!  My blog pal Eggface is having a contest!!!  Check out her blog to enter!! She's giving away a shaker ball and a 5lb tub of strawberry flavored protein supplement!(I hope I win! I need more proteins to try!!)

Till the next time
Katie <3


  1. -- Here
    s a recipe to get both your protein and carbs in the morning. Not sure if you'll like it.

    Also Optimum Nutrition Cake Batter Protein -The Shit


  2. one of the best high protein breakfast I have found is a 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese and a 1/2 cup of light and fit yogurt with some fruit. plus it will be great to eat post surgery too! its 17 to 21 grams of protein and low fat. i love it!

  3. Just saw your Ball recipe on another blog and it sounds amazing.. that will be added to the recipe folder for sure! thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes I haven't tried your ball recipe but it Looks amazing and I can't wait! As you know, I've been right along with you on this crummy roller coaster ride!!