Friday, February 4, 2011

Days 10-12 - More ginger, dinner and dancing.

Day 10: Wednesday

B: 2 hard boiled eggs.

S: Almond butter with blueberry jelly on a multigrain sandwich thin

L: Salad with chicken and olives with balsamic Vinegar

S: Protein shake

D: 4-5 shrimp marinated in the ginger sauce with green beans and onions also in the ginger sauce (this ginger sauce is AMAZING. The next few meals are going to be with it!)

Had a delayed opening today. Sucked. I hate stupid bullshit delays. Granted… at 7am there WAS a lot of ice. But my school delayed the opening 3 hours, making us go in at 12, and leaving regular time, 3pm. What was the point?? Why not just make us stay home the whole day? It was just pointless.

ANNDDDD I got the phone call at like, 10am, that team extreme was closing for the day due to the weather. I was NOT a happy camper.

Wednesday was also one of my best friends birthdays … she’s old now: quarter of a century (that’s 25 for you math impaired people). LOVE YOU MUFFIN [} <3

ANDDD there was cake and deliciousness but I didn’t have any… I didn’t even feel the want of it. I think progress has been made

Day 11: Thursday

B: 2 hard boiled eggs

S: 1 lite babybel cheese and ¼ cup Dry roasted edamame

L: Chicken with a 1/8 cup of whole grain rice and ¼ cup ricotta cheese, left over sautéed green beans and onions.

D: Left over shrimp, green beans and onions in a salad.

Got my fitness results back today. I scored a 140, which puts me at a “cadet” status. Not quite sure what that means.. but Tyrome said I did amazing. Apparently dog tags are involved, but I don’t know when I get them. Yesterday I did 2 miles on the elliptical in 14:44. The first day I went it took me 11+mins to do ONE mile. I definitely *feel* a difference…. in my body and the physical aspect of it. However I don’t see or feel any weight loss. One of the girls in my class says she can see I lost weight, but sometimes I think, when someone knows a fat chick is dieting… people will say “oh you can totally tell” just to be nice and give false hope. Maybe that’s the cynic in me. Who knows.

I had a date with my wifey tonight and I hung out with her at the salon and we were talking about the “salon experience”. How its nice to have someone blow out your hair in the comfy salon chairs, the massage shampoo and conditioner and what not. Its been like a year since I’ve gotten my hair done in a salon (like a cut and stuff). My friend Arwen has been cutting my hair since she was in cosmetology school and she is FANTASTIC. Plus she’s affordable. She also recently did my highlights (which I LOVE and they look amazing) … but sometimes its just not the same. I think it’s the smell of the salon. They all have a certain smell, that’s always similar but somehow different. So when my wifey (Joanna) and I were discussing this, I had said I think this is what I need -the relaxing salon experience. So her stylist Freddy, whose amazing said to book an appointment. I said I’m going to wait till a bit before my surgery and just pamper myself. Hair, manicure, pedicure, massage, facial-the whole 9 yards that way after my surgery, like right post op, when I’m feeling really crappy and gross…. I’ll still have that relaxed, pampered feel and even though I’ll look like hell, I’ll still feel better. He asked what type of surgery because I had also mentioned that I could lose some of my hair so I explained.

*side note* Lately I’ve been hesitant about answering or bringing up the surgery because while I’ve been getting mostly positive responses… there are just sometimes when I can tell people are faking it and they have that judgment in their face. You can read them like a book. It’s the same type of judgment when they look at a fat person. I can’t really describe it.. but if you’re a fat kid… you know the face *end side note*

When I told Freddy I was getting gastric bypass he was super excited about it! He wished me luck and said he can’t wait to see me in his chair. Lol. So that’s going to be my pre-op present to myself. A day of beauty; haircut, mani, pedi, massage. It will be glorious and its even more incentive to lose my 40lbs.

Day 12: Friday

B: 2 hard boiled eggs

S: Pickles and ¼ cup dry roasted edamame

L: Turkey roll ups with 1 lite babybel cheese and green beans

S: Protein shake

D: Garlic ginger chicken salad wraps. ( I cant wait to make them later with my wifey)

The day is only halfway through, but there's currently nothing to do in class, so I figured I’d take the time to update.

SOOOO excited to go out dancing with my wifey tonight. Its been a while, and I’m really looking forward to it. No drinking, of course, especially since I’m driving. I’ve learned recently though… that I don’t need to drink to have a fun time. Plus, it makes me a cheap date, and I’m okay with that.

I love to go out dancing. I’m a terrible dancer… and I probably look like a narwhal on wheels… but whatever. Its fun and I really don’t give a shit what people I’m probably never going to see again think.

I’m also looking forward to bootcamp today I like that I want to go to the gym. I like that I want to work out. Its fun. Plus I think since I’m sitting on my fat ass all day in class in front of a computer, looking forward to the workout isn’t really that hard.

I wonder what Tyrome and the boys have in store for me today …

Till next time--

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