Friday, August 19, 2011

i can has a mulligan? To scale or not to scale?

So this past week and a half has been a rough-ish one.   As some of you know, I broke my toe last week.  I don't even have an awesome story about it.  I passed out at my krav maga class due to dehydration and when I went down... I must have hit my toe on the wall because when I came too... my toe hurt. So I went to the urgent care place nearby, and low and behold... I broke it. 

4-6 weeks healing time.   Stupid.  Toe.  So. Anyway.... with this stupid broken toe, I really can't do much.  A little bump in the road.  Whatever. 

At least I say that now.  I've done nothing the entire week in terms of exercising.  I've been feeling rather blue lately.  I'm not quite sure what it is.  Partly the toe, partly the retarded gloomy weather for half a day every day.  Not quite sure, but thats what I'm chalking it up too.  So I've pretty much spent the past week and a half either laying in bed or sitting in my pjs watching Disney movies, or scary movies, or romcoms. 

If someone showed up at my house, they might think I was suffering after a break up.  Thats the type of pathetic I was. 

So with that... came the (craving of...) BOREDOM EATING!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!!!!

Okay. Well, I really didn't eat anything out of boredom.  I think I had like... a Popsicle and then like a cheesestick one or two days.  Its not like I binged on anything.  Honestly.  I swear.

But this is what scares me.  The boredom eating.  The thought of boredom eating scares me.  This ties in to my last post where I spoke of my relationship with food.  It just sucks.  I'm still having a hard time eating every couple of days and its just strange how much of a disinterest in food I have now that I have to eat to live instead of living to eat.  Except for when I'm bored.  When I'm bored or just sitting watching TV... all I think about is food. I swear its like a subliminal message thing from the television. 

If I'm sitting watching TV... I swear I will get up to stare at the stuff in the pantry or fridge and literally have to talk myself out of it.  I mean, I always do.  Or I grab something WLS friendly.  I try not too though.

I was reading my older entries, from when I first started this journey, and I was SOOOOO good at documenting everything and planning out my foods... and I think I'm going to start doing that again.

Thats where my mulligan comes into effect. 

I'm going to document everything I put into my mouth.  Calories, Proteins, Fats, Carbs.  And I'm also going to be like a 5 year old and use stickers for the vitamins.  I know it sounds corny, but think about how awesome stickers made you feel when you were a kid.  Right?!  Yeah.. I got the warm and fuzzies too. It just happens. Stickers make the world go 'round.  I'm sure if someone gave Osama Bin Laden or Hitler or Mussolini  some stickers when they were kids... they might not have been so cranky as adults.  Who knows?

So yeah.  Documentation.  Like I learned in MA... documentation is key.  Its so important to document everything.  And it will hold me accountable. That way I can always look back and be like..."oh... *thats*  why I didn't lose that week. 

I'm also kicking around the idea of a scale.  I'm on the fence about it.  I currently don't have one by my own personal choice.  I don't want to obsess over it.  And now I don't know if I will anymore... .  But also not knowing my weights are also killing me.  I want to be a normal once-a-week-weigher.  a OAWW if you will.

So I'll leave with this:

How many of you, WLS-ers or not... have scales? How many of you weigh yourselves? How often?


  1. I have a scale. Initially I would weigh like daily. It was awesome! Then when I didn't lose, not so awesome... I weigh officially every week. Sometimes I weigh mid week just to get an idea of whether a change in program is working with me or against me.

  2. I have a scale and I use it every day! (sad I know!). I try not to stress about it though.. I use the scale as a tool for me.. it helps me know when my body is in a stall and I need to change things around and also helps me to see when I am doing things right!

  3. I have a scale and I use it about every other day. I like to see where my progress is and if there is something I need to change. I am thinking about trying to use it only once, maybe twice, a week though becuase I can kind of see myself starting to obbsess about the scale. Food journaling also helps me to stay on track. Another thing that I have found that is helpful is I have started to menu plan at the beginning of every week. I write down everything that I am going to eat everyday for the week, including all snacks, and then try to stick with it the best I can. So far it has been working really well.