Monday, August 8, 2011

One Hundred (plus two)

I am *officially* down 102 lbs since December 28th, 2011.

Wanna know what 100 lbs looks like??

100 lbs of some sort of animal meat...

A 100 lb Burger....
100 Pounds of Pure Orange Fat.  This is what fat actually looks like.  Gross    

This is also what 100 lbs looks like.

So yeah.  I'm pretty much at my half way mark. I would like to lose at least another 100... if not more.  Maybe another 120 tops.  I dont want to be rail thin, or look unhealthy.  I would just like to have a healthy BMI which means I would have to weigh 120 lbs... which means I would need to lose about another 120lbs. 

However... Now that I've hit my first goal, of 100lbs down... I'm going to focus on my next goal.. which is only 44lbs away...  ONEDERLAND!  for those of you people who are not WLS-language savvy... ONEDERLAND... is this awesome place that those of us who have been 200+lbs.. call any weight under 199.  So I am only about 44 lbs away from that which btw..BLOWS MY MIND! because I can't tell you the last time I was under 200...  It had to be elementary school.  In 8th grade I was like... 240.   So I'm the same size I was in 8th grade.   Heh.  Thats so freakin weird.  I wish I had pics of that time period so I can compare.  Crazy stuff.  The last time I was this small was about 3 years ago and I had lost it on my own, and then I met a guy and gained it all back. 

So now... I'm just focusing on myself.  If a guy wants to come along and try and be in my life... these are the things he's going to have to be behind in my priorities right now:

Getting in protein
My friends
My vitamins
Krav Maga Classes
Kickboxing Classes
C25K Training
Having fun
Finding a job

If a dude is going to be comfortable being last on that list... fine.  But I cannot once again compromise myself and who I am for a man like I did last time ... because I am back to being my own number one.

Anyway... sorry about the guy tangent...  Back to me and my weight loss.  Yeah yeah... I'm sure I sound pretty narcissistic but I've actually always been that way... and for me... now... I'm exploring a whole new version of myself that I've never really been able to be narcissistic about. I'm down 102 pounds.  Thats the size of a 6th grader.  I lost a 6th grader.   50 pounds between december 28 2010- may 15 2011... so about 5 months... and then another 52 pounds between may 16 2011 and august 5 2011... about 2.5 months.  HOW FREAKIN INSANE??? Sometimes I still really can't believe this is happening!

What about you other WLS-ers?  Do you still have those days where you're like... wow...  I did this... its actually happening. .... wow....?


  1. Congrats lady!!!! You can see the changes in your face! Good luck with Day 1!

  2. You can totally see the changes! Congrats! That is soo awesome! I have days where I still feel like a cow and my inner fat girl wants to come play..but she oesnt, often. Then there are days like this past weekend where I am like dang who is that girl?? Where'd she go??
    So so so proud of you!
    And I agree about you being #1. You have to be your own priority to make yourself happy and to make this work! My priorities are God, me, family, church/youth... then everything else. Lol