Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm caving....

I'm caving... and buying a scale tomorrow well.. technically today... .  Its just time.  I've seriously thought long and hard about this... and the not knowing is killing me.

I'm thinking that if I have the scale in the house, the temptation won't be too awful.  Kind of like food.  Like I've mentioned in posts before... I live with a 10 year old.  So there are snacks in the house.... oreos, pringles, the soft squishy delicious soft baked choc. chip cookies from entemanns. You get the picture.  So anyway... the temptation is THERE.  I just don't do it.  So I'm thinking the scale temptation will follow suit.

I did buy a notebook to journal my food.  One of the marble ones, its pink.  Target had them for 40 cents.  Shibby.  So I got 4-- 2 pink, 2 yellow.  That way I have them and can just keep tracking my food. Should last me a while.  I've got two solid days of food down.  So as long as I can keep with it... I don't think I'll have a problem.  Its nice to be able to see how much and what I'm eating.  On paper... I mean... I know what I eat,and when I eat and all of that, but its nice to see things down in lists.  I'm big on lists. All sorts of lists.  I'm a SUPER huge fan of pros and cons lists as well.  Lists just make me happy.  I don't know when I became a list person... I think it was sometime around 16... okay.. I'm rambling.

So yes.  I'm buying a scale.  I'll post pictures tomorrow.  Well, later.  You know what I mean.  I actually have a few pictures to post...not just about the scale.   Oh so much to do later.  I really need some sleep, but I'm not one bit tired.

I didn't do a damn thing today.  Twas a very lazy Sunday.  Quite enjoyable though today.  The only time I moved from the couch was to pee or eat.  Lazy ass.  My Monday (later) will be eventful though.  I have some cleaning to do, and shopping (for the scale!) and a coffee date planned with my lovely friend Lauren, who I call Life Condom--- (she's always there when life gets hard and rough and keeps me away from sticky situations...I know... I'm one sick BAMF) and that makes me happy :)

Well.. I'm gunna watch some more Dexter... I have a few seasons to catch up on before the new season starts in october :)

and hey! like my new layout?

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  1. Cute layout! I think you should get a scale. I weighed myself everyday in the beginning... but the difference before surgery and post surgery is I don't get mad at the scale! I know this is a process and im not in a hurry anymore. Think of it as a gradual change... not overnight thing and you will be good :)