Friday, June 3, 2011

18 days out...

So ... I can't believe my surgery was 18 days ago.  I still can't believe its over and I'm "rerouted". 

Currently I'm in stage 3 of my post op diet which is pureed/soft foods.  So basically I'm living on ricotta cheese (especially using a modified version of Shelly's ricotta bake... so delish)... scrambled eggs with cheese, cottage cheese, popsicles, protein shakes and sugar free instant pudding.  mostly eggs... because its nice to be able to chew food. lol.  Its definitely a challenge getting in all the protein.  The tricky thing about WLS is that if you don't get enough protein... you won't loose.  So its dire to get in at least 60 grams of protein.  its hard because I can only eat about 1/4 of food at a time... its definitely hard.  But I'm making it work.  Isopure drinks help because one 20oz drink has 40 grams of protein.... the only problem with them is that they are pre-made and sooooo freakin sweet it takes me too long to drink them. last nights took me about 4 hours.  I have to get the powdered ones so I can make my own and figure out the sweetness and whatnot.

Mentally and emotionally.... I'm doing okay.  its definitely a weird change and I'm still pretty much in shock that I actually did it. I don't really have any of the "buyers remorse"... sometimes I'm like *wow* what did I do... but that typically fades.

I don't really feel any different except for the occasional gas pain (still working out all of the CO2) and not feeling hungry.  Ever.  There have definitely been some days where 7pm rolls around and I'm like.. shit.  I haven't had anything but water today.  eff. 

I haven't weighed myself from the last post... because I don't have a scale at home and I think that's for the better so I'm not running to the scale every 6 seconds lol.

I start my solid food diet on monday, which makes me happy, because my birthday is in 5 days and my girlfriends and I are going out and it makes me happy :)

Anywho... before I bid my adieus...  everyone should check out Eggface's blog and enter to win her super cool awesome prize giveaways!!  She is celebrating her 5 year anniversary of her RNY and her blog has definitely helped me out a lot with all my pre-op questions and foods and recipes!

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  1. Your doing awesome! Time is going to fly! I still can't believe my 6 months is coming up this month! Protein and can totally rock this!