Friday, June 10, 2011

Just a quick update :)

So... yesterday, I was able to eat.  Well... I had to force myself because I'm never hungry, but my nut and Dr.K  said I had to eat... soooo  I did.  I had tuna fish for lunch, some of my modified version of Shelly's Ricotta Bake and then for dinner I had about 2 1/2 oz of chicken :)  Everything went down fine, and sat well.  This morning I'm starting my day with a scrambled egg with red. fat mozz. cheese :)  Its delicious :)  As per my nut and Dr. K today will be the first day of setting my cell phone alarm and eating when it goes off.  He said once I get into the routine of eating my body will have a "hunger" when I'm "supposed" to eat.  He said it wont be like the hunger I used to have... but more of a "hm... usually theres something in the pouch by now... lets get something in there" as opposed to the stomach growling and other typical hunger signs. 

Anyway... for all my WLS friends... Eggface is doing another one of her giveaways!!!  She's the super cool awesome lady who had gastric bypass 5 years ago (her anniversary is this month!) and has done an amazing job at losing and keeping the weight off! She's also an awesome blogger who shares all her recipes and ideas and offers so much guidance!  I learned so much during my pre-op phase from reading her blog (plus it totally kept me entertained at school ... while I was supposed to do work... whatevs)  She is definitely (or at least in my opinion *should* be) a household name for anyone who has had WLS.

CLICK HERE! to see her blog and directions for entering her giveaway!!!

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