Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reality check

So... this is my reality check...

There *IS* a difference.  The picture in january was taken 3 days after my first appointment with my surgeon.  The Picture in june was taken at my 3 week check up.  

I've been feeling really blah about things because I felt like I wasn't losing fast enough and what not... but... i'm down 76 lbs.  Since December.   What I was losing in a month or two... I lost in 3 weeks.  I'm coming to realize its all about perspective.  

These pictures also help with the contrast and everything and really helps me see the difference ... particularly in my face.

I know life with the RNY isn't a race.  Its a marathon.  So I'm at a really good pace right now. 

Heres another reality check...  my friend got married may 21 2010.  just over a year later, my pseudo little sister fits in my bridesmaid dress with me..

So I don't know how to flip it, but you get the idea...

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  1. well done keep up the good work and remember i love u for u nothing else x