Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Well, 23 is old! It's almost 25 which is almost mid-twenties."

So well. Okay.  a lot is going on all at the same time nothing is.  How does that make sense you ask? well.. it really doesnt, but in my head it does.  So I'll try to make sense of it...

I just turned 23. Yesterday, as a matter of fact, which means its been 5 years since I turned 18. This also means that in two weeks, it will be 5 years since I graduated high school.  CUE THE QUARTER LIFE CRISIS! I dont know why this freaked me out... but it did.  The fact that I'm not at all where I thought I would be at 23, plus the hormones from the surgery, plus the general crazy I already have... just freaked me the fuck out.  I havent stopped crying since monday.  MONDAY.  I'm just crazy. I know.  Especially because my life is prettttyyy freakin awesome right about now. 

I know.. how can I be having a quarter life crisis and be crying all time after I just said my life is pretty freakin awesome? BECAUSE OF THE HORMONES! 

Anyway. Enough about that rant.  Thats the "nothing" part of my " a lot is going on all at the same time nothing is" statement.

THIS is whats up:
I'm down 26 lbs since my surgery... which was 24 days ago.  So thats about a pound a day.  pretty freakin crazy, right?!

I'm planning a 3 week long trip to arizona in late august/early september to visit my aunt laureen and... **DRUM ROLL**** JOB SEARCH! 

thats right ladies and gents, you heard it here first... (unless you're joanne, nicole, or joanna .. who i called and spoke to on the phone about it...) This new yorker is looking to head west.

This is the plan:

july/august - get on the phone with recruiters out in arizona and set up some phone or e-mail interviews and set a date for a face to face interview while i'm visiting
... then while i'm there.. hopefully i'll land a job... then i'll fly back home... throw my shit in my car and road trip it cross country baby :)

IF i don't manage to get a job there during this trip...  my plan is to come back to new york, get a job here and save up all my money and be out there by my next birthday. 

but i reallly reallllly reallllllly want to be out there by the end of 2011 :)

anyway... thats about it for now... off to do some retail therapy :)

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