Monday, June 20, 2011

NSVs... mini vacations and giveaways....

So here's some updates (with pics!)

Heres an NSV (non scale victory) that I noticed the other day at lunch with my little pseudo sister (the one in the picture in my last blog with the dress)

This made me SUPER excited!!!   just don't mind the spelling mistake. lol.   But yeah.. theres finally a space between my belly and the table while sitting in a booth :) this made me so excited :D its been SOO long since this has happened :)

another little NSV is this bathing suit I bought at old navy.  its an XXL, and it fits :)  I havent been able to buy anything at old navy other than tank tops (and even those didn't always fit) in SUCH a long time :) 

First of all... its not all black.  I can't tell you the last time i didn't wear a colored bathing suit.  and its cute.  and its not a regular tank top strapped one.  ANNNDDDD I can't wait to wear it this weekend for the long weekend in PA my friends and I are taking :)

I cannot freaking wait to leave this island for a few days :) :) its going to be awesome just to relax and spend an awesome long weekend with some even more awesome people <3

Now ... also... its time for another Eggface Giveaway!!  Eggface a.k.a Shelly is a prominent member of the WLS community and such a huge advocate for WLS and the decision to have a healthier life style!  She is always giving back and this is another one of those times!  She's on her 3rd giveaway for the month of june (her surgery month, she's 5 years post-op as of TODAY!!!) Go and enter!!!!

Have a great week everyone!

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